The Unofficial Undercover Cheese Factory

Um... EXTREMELY unofficial...

Yeah... ticket prices are getting a bit high for the 2006 tour....

This page was originally created because I noticed that people wanted to post tree structures, liners, lists and other stuffs to the web... but didn't necessarily have a place to put it or know how to make a web page. So I figured I'd offer my services to a friend. And then another... and another. Next thing I know, I find my geocities site to be sorta an unofficial depository for Undercover tree information, lists of favorites, things like that. Now it doesn't need to be used as much - more people know how to build websites, and honestly, I got too busy to properly maintain this one. However, I am going to try to breathe a little life back into it, if for no other reason than to send people to the right place to get info.

If you want to put anything up on this page - if you're running a tree, or something like that - please ask me and chances are I'll let ya put something up here for a while.

Note that this area is mainly for things that will be transitory... I'm not offering to put things up for years on end (despite what it seemed like...)

Owner of this page also reserves the right to not post something at her discretion.

Otherwise I take no responsibility for the actions of others. Don't shoot the messenger.

Don't forget: If you out at night, on your bike..... wear white.

(Oh, and you've got some letters)

For now you can find the following somewhere in all this cheese:

John Shortridge has been creating some good artwork for the Memphis CDs. Be sure to check it out and download!

Rick Koch has once again created a masterpiece for the St Louis show - for all of your Glimmering Fashion Needs.

First we treed. Then we went to weeds. Now, thanks to modern technology, we've got the torrent.

Interested in Stones music? You might want to check the torrent tracker at: RocksOff Torrent Tracker (opens new window...)

Want some artwork for those new shows? Arve's got an incredible cover repository at his Midnight Ramblers website. :)

How To Print Liners

What, exactly, is a tree?


Who's On First

And Who's up next?

Cheese Links

  • Basics of Making Cheese
  • New England Cheese Making Supply Co everything you need to make your own cheese
  • Beatrice Cheeses the makers of reddi-whip and other fine products
  • K-R-A-F-T
  • The Cheese Net
  • French Cheese the cheese regions of France
  • Kutter's Cheese Factory cheeses and cheese spread
  • House of Wisconsin Cheese Wisconsin cheeses in gift sets and in bulk
  • The Cheesebox another Wisconsin cheese catalog
  • Marin Cheese authentic French cheeses from an old California wine country cheese maker
  • Golden Cheese Company claims to be the largest fully integrated cheese factory in the world
  • Renard's Cheeses Wisconsin manufacturer
  • Ariza Cheese Company cheeses from Mexico
  • Vella Cheese Company california cheese maker, winner 1995-96 US Cheese Championship
  • Dutch Cheese and Specialty Shop Dutch and european cheeses
  • Ferruccio Podda SPA Italian cheese manufacturer
  • Fromagerie Belchevre Montreal cheese factory
  • Queijo Daloio Portugese cheese manufacturer
  • Consorzio Parmigiano official site of the Italian consortium for parmesan cheese, in english and italian
  • Hickory Farms
  • Cerney Cheeses goat cheeses from the UK